Spring is here

The weather has finally turned and spring is in the air.  I spent the day out yesterday walking downtown and finding little park benches to sit on and enjoy the sun and a good book.  the city definitely comes alive in the summer – yesterday there were tons of people out on the paths jogging and walking their dogs.  I wish I had a dog sometimes…but then I remember that you still have to walk them when it’s -40 outside.  Maybe I’ll stick with fish.  A beta fish that swims round and round in a tiny bowl and doesn’t really require much aside from some food every couple of days.  A sign that I can’t handle too much commitment.  Tonight I went out walking again – I think we did 2km.  So much fun…and useful.  2km should be enough to burn off cake right?

Today I painted for the first time in a year too.  It felt good to go at it again.  I feel like my creative juices are running again after a long time.  Part of spring arriving is the restlessness that comes with it.  I always feel this way at this time of year.  Maybe it’s because everything seems to be in a state of renewal, including me.

Maybe I can finally convince someone to go camping with me this year.  D invited me last year to go with him and some friends but he is a boy and I was like what are you nuts?  Do you want me to get run out of town by my people? 


I miss the little ones – especially this little face…

I’ve been watching a good number of British movies lately – catch The Baker if you can.  It’s worth it.

I’m reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (I didn’t realize the church of Oprah had chosen it too, which is a good thing because I probably would have avoided it) and Sugar: A bitterweet history.  The first I am enjoying so far, the second is okay – the subject matter is interesting but it’s not very well written. 

And I am going to see if I can score this from the library at school – I don’t know if my passwords are still working.  It looks really interesting.





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