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I am feeling much better these days.  Some sleep helped.  I was actually a little bit of a hot mess, shuffling around in my bathrobe with my fluffy socks on…eating Chunky Monkey ice cream. I am still a little stuffed up but I’m pretty much back to normal.  Work was rough this week too – a lot of chaos and an inordinate amount of people who seemed to be the spawn of closely related relatives.  Not good.

I’m off now till Tuesday which is nice – I want to try and get the apartment in order for when Saf comes home.  I have to figure out where to put my bike now that she will be wanting her room back.  I guess I should clean the house too although it seems like a cruel cosmic joke that I have to work full time and clean the damn house.  I can do one or the other but not both.  Actually I can only do one.  Guess which one it is?

The Bouchard-Taylor commission released their report on the hijab and its impact on Quebec society.  I was pretty impressed-  According to the report, the apprehension felt towards non-Christian cultures and religions can be overcome by dialogue and interaction.  Also the government has the responsibility to have proper policies and programs in place to implement the recomendations the report makes.

 I wonder what sort of impact it will have.  Quebec is kind of a strange place – in some ways it can be very liberal and progressive and in other ways it is still a very bigoted place.  I love going  back to Montreal but I don’t know if i could ever move back.  The vibe you get wearing hijab is very different there than where I live now.  The hijab is so common here it can be a little irritating.  The other day I was at that grocery store and some little chit working the cash says to me ” I can see your hair just so you know”.  I was like “yes well that’s as good as it’s getting at 9h30 pm after 12 hour shift.”  The guy at Starbucks said the same thing to me too the other day – He actually leaned over and was going to tuck whatever was flying out back in.  You know people are used to when non- Muslims are giving you crap for not covering up enough.  But seriously, Alhumdulillah we have it pretty good here compared to other cities – I’ve never had a problem finding work or interacting with people.  I’ve been very blessed.

Here is a link to the report in case anyone is interested.




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I’m sick – the battle of the pollen has begun and I’ve lost the first round.  I’m determined to win the war although I may have to resort to wearing a gas mask.



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Today the sun was shining and despite the fact that the dental hygienist mangled my mouth, I had a wonderful day.  When the sun is shining everything is better and I can eat as much ice cream I want and not gain a pound. 

I have been buying books like crazy these days and it’s getting a little out of hand so I decided no more until I am finished what I have already.  And I am only going to read two books at once.  I need to set limits for myself or I get wild.

Centering myself has been a chore lately.  I find myself affected by negativity and I get discouraged.  Some people can wade in and give as good as they get but I tend withdraw and shut myself off.  Not a good strategy as eventually you have to come out and rejoin the game whether you like it or not.  I just get so tired of everyone thinking that the world is there own personal stage.  Work is exhausting too- I am completely surrounded by people who have no idea they are bigots.  Every day I have to decide what to speak up against and what to let go. 

But when I leave and the sun is out and I just got my hair did and I scored the first of the spring asparagus I feel better.

I found this on youtube….beautiful Bach being interpreted



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Teach me to dream with eyes closed and heart wide open.




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