Today the sun was shining and despite the fact that the dental hygienist mangled my mouth, I had a wonderful day.  When the sun is shining everything is better and I can eat as much ice cream I want and not gain a pound. 

I have been buying books like crazy these days and it’s getting a little out of hand so I decided no more until I am finished what I have already.  And I am only going to read two books at once.  I need to set limits for myself or I get wild.

Centering myself has been a chore lately.  I find myself affected by negativity and I get discouraged.  Some people can wade in and give as good as they get but I tend withdraw and shut myself off.  Not a good strategy as eventually you have to come out and rejoin the game whether you like it or not.  I just get so tired of everyone thinking that the world is there own personal stage.  Work is exhausting too- I am completely surrounded by people who have no idea they are bigots.  Every day I have to decide what to speak up against and what to let go. 

But when I leave and the sun is out and I just got my hair did and I scored the first of the spring asparagus I feel better.

I found this on youtube….beautiful Bach being interpreted




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  1. I know what you mean about book-buying getting out of hand, I get tons from the flea-market and thrift store and then as many as the library will let me. I start one, then the next, then the next and so on. Sometimes I finish most of them, but the next one often looks too inviting.

    As for wading in and giving as good as you get, I reckon that would be just as draining. Maybe you should just sing happy songs really loud (I want to teach the world to sing….Imagine all the people….etc etc.) then the negative people would jut go away…

  2. i think i like you 🙂

    sometimes i hum loudly to drown out negative thoughts. it works!

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