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birthday girl

Happy Birthday to me..happy birthday to me 

Happy birthday to meeeeeee…. you know the rest.



Definitely not as cool as thirty-three. 

Dinner with the brother and his family – started out sour…I think he tries to drive me crazy on purpose.  But it all ended nicely.  We dropped by F’s house and she surprised me with a little cake.  I came upstairs and she had suck some candles in it.  It was so sweet of them.  The kids all asked me how old I was and I told them 29.  “Oh aunty…you look good, I thought you were 26!”, they said.  I love those kids.






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Weekend Notes

Today was a beautiful day – it went up to 32 degrees but with the humidity it felt like 42 at times.  I spent the day in F’s backyard enjoying the heat and the sun.  Her backyard is perfect – private and full of trees and flowers.  Space for thinking and dreaming. 

I finally took care of my tooth Friday.  It was literally driving me up the wall.  Between the first two dentists giving me different opinions and then having to go see this specialist I was ready to deal with it on my own – just pass the pliers…  I was in so much pain because the tooth was broken and chipping into my gum and it was just a big mess- now I have to fork over 2400 dollars to fix it.  I don’t know how much my insurance is going to cover – apparently for what I need they don’t have great coverage for.  So I spent the weekend recovering from my mouth trauma.

Saf is coming back on Saturday inshaAllah.  I can’t wait!  Time is a funny thing.  It passes so quickly but at the same time it creates all this space and distance.  It feels like the year flew by but it also feels like she’s been gone forever.

I’m off work till Thursday so I get to spend my time cleaning up and getting her room ready – I still haven’t decided what to do with the bike or the tv I stored in there.  If I had my way I’d toss the tv or give it away – anything I want to watch I get from the internet anyways.  Although I have to admit I miss my home reno shows and my animal shows.  The other day I was at D’s and I watched a program on snow leopards that live in the Himalayas, near Chiteral, Pakistan.  The beauty of that area was just astounding.  The winter months bring snowfalls that cover everything and turn it into a wonderland – reminding me of a winter scene in the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – you almost expect to see the White Witch poking her head out. The mountains have a wild quality to them, completely untamed and unconquerable.

Tonight at dinner we celebrated D’s triumphant return from her 60km walk this weekend.  She joined the End Breast Cancer walk this year.  I am so proud of her – she walked both days this weekend, 36km Saturday and the rest today.  What an accomplishment – she was almost delirious with fatigue and heat stroke but managed to come over for some barbecue.  She actually wasn’t as busted up as I expected – she has a big blister on one foot and she ached all over but over all she was a superstar.  The team managed to raise over 21,000$ too!  

The fans are going, the air is heavy and I’m sticking to the couch but I love it.  I’m hoping for a good summer…lots of sunshine, the smell of trees and flowers, fresh food and surrounded by love.


Here are clips from an interview done with the Snow Leopard documentary producer Nisar Malik.  Check out the scenery in the first two pics…and of coure marvel at the beauty of the main attraction 🙂



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