Describing yourself is an art.  I am not an artist. 

Irisblue because I love the word Iris and I love the colour blue.

32 because I was born a Cancer with Capricorn rising 32 years ago.

Canadian because my parents ended up here drawn by their fate.

Student because I decided to go through it all over again.


8 responses to “About

  1. i love the photo up there.. is that a pic of one of your paintings? I think i remember seeing it at your place.

    no wonder we get along so well.. I’m capricorn.. i wonder what my secondary sign is.

  2. It is one of my attempts – I was trying something different and it just sort of morphed into a self-portrait (notice the pink streaks in the hair?)
    I have a long history with Capricorns…some not so pleasant! I just can’t seem to stay away from them! 🙂

  3. i’m trying to understand what the one eye – and that, too, closed – says about you..especially since this is a self portrait.. hmmm.

    today i was told that i could not really be a capricorn, rather a libra. why? apparently because i flirt. I KNOW. GO FIGURE. me? flirt? i thought flirting was haram.

  4. The one eye closed implies self reflection and an attempt to discover the meaning of self. The red lips imply passion and the slight opening shows that Iris can be passionately angry at times. The pink streaks are a bad dye job.

  5. Irisblue

    Sumayyah: i like my pink streaks thank you very much!!!!! i am resisting the urge to cut all my hair off again and dye my entire head bright pink. i’ve always wanted to try it…
    Transcript: i’ve decided that at our age flirting is fine (IB’s fatwa)…so enjoy the libra in you!

  6. lol @ being passionately angry
    yah.. about your hair.. i miss the days of rusty the clown.

  7. Irisblue

    shut up…why did no one tell me Tang was not a good colour for me?

  8. are you kidding? who’d risk telling you and then have you looking hotter than anyone else :/

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